"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17

"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17
Thank you so much for coming to check out my brand spankin' new blog! I've never "blogged" before, so here goes nothin'! This page is inspired by our adoption process, and I am hoping to get words of encouragement or advice every step along the way :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

L - I - D!!

Good Friday morning everyone!

We just found out that we have our LID, or log-in date, from China! Yay!!! So now we start the countdown to our LOA, or letter of acceptance, telling us that Emily is indeed OURS and we can start the process to go get her :)

Short and sweet, but lovely none the less!! Super excited for this, especially since there are some families recently who have received their LOA in a MONTH! As in, 30 days! *If* that were to happen, we *might* be able to travel by December to pick up our girl. If not, we won't become a family of 4 until 2014. It really wouldn't be too much longer, but I really reallyreally don't want to go through another Christmas with part of our family on the other side of the world. :*(

So prayers for a quick LOA wait, and to keep Ms. Emily healthy until we can go scoop her up and squeeze her tight!

:) ~Erin XOXO
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

DTC... For real!

And the good news keeps rolling in... Just got word from our agency that our dossier was uploaded to China's electronic system and then put in the mail today!!! Yay!!

Now the Moreland family is officially "DTC", Dossier to China. And, now we wait :) We are waiting for the date that China logs us in to the system, our "LID" or log in date. Then we wait some more. This will be the big wait. And the long wait. And the most important wait- the wait for China to tell us they have accepted us as Emily's new family.

We will keep you posted!

Here's some artwork I made while waiting to announce our DTC :) Been holding on to this bad boy for a while now LOL
Our DTC Announcement

I found a ladybug stamp!

Of course there is bling for Emily

~Erin XOXO

One more picture capturing how excited Austin is for his sister!!

Emily Mei

I haven't been blogging much at all, and there is a good reason for it. China is very good at protecting the rights and identity of their orphans. Most agencies require a log in ID and password to see the profiles of the children waiting for adoption. I think this is a very good thing! Yet it makes it hard to search for your next child if you don't have access to certain agencies and lists.

We have been waiting to be "DTC", or Dossier to China, since the beginning of July. Once our dossier is logged in in China, we can officially wait to be matched with a child. So it's a huge deal! Well, our final document was approved and we had it authenticated at the state level and sent it to our agency, who in turn overnighted it to the Chinese consulate. While waiting to hear back about our DTC status, I logged into the waiting child list on my agency's website to just take a quick look at the children on there. I've seen the list at least 2 dozen times. The children on there are mostly "special focus", meaning needing much more aid than we were willing to take on as a family. The kids on here can just break your heart!

So I logged on and the very first little girl listed was beautiful! Something about her made me yearn for her. So for the first time I opened the file. I saw more pictures. I became increasingly interested and enamored. I read her file. I was scared. I emailed my agency, and when they didn't respond within 15 minutes I called (when I want info, I want it now! LOL you can call it impatience or tenacity, either way I plead guilty!). I was told that she was just listed the day before, and I could inquire about her but nothing was promised until our agency was sure she would not be a match with another waiting family that was actually LID, or logged in. I was hopeful. And I hadn't even shown her to David yet!

I sent her information to David, who agreed with me that she was beautiful but cautioned me to not get too far ahead of myself. Um, too late! I had her file reviewed by a few of the doctors I work with, who were again cautious. David and I didn't even know yet if her file was going to be put "on hold" for us or if we were basically wasting the physician's time. We had several days and one long weekend of waiting to hear anything. On my dad's birthday, 7/29, the agency called and offered our girl to us for a match! We were so very excited, but there were still so many unknowns. They put the file on hold for 2 weeks, in which time we had to make a final decision about if this was going to be our daughter. We were allowed to ask the place she is living about 10 questions, not sure if we would hear a response back before the file was put back on the shared list. I did my due diligence and asked many fellow adoptive moms, physicians, etc. about our girl's special need and was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support! David and I decided even before hearing the answers from her facility that she was our girl. I couldn't imagine anyone else loving this little girl the way we will, especially after memorizing every detail in the limited pictures we had. We said yes to Emily Mei <3
I filled out the forms and sent the official paperwork overnight to our agency for them to forward on to China, asking if we could adopt this precious girl. We went to 2 post offices to find one that was open on a Saturday, in the pouring rain, in order to get these documents out and on their way! We were actually on our way to David's sister's baby gender reveal party... It's a girl!!! :)

A few days later we got an update on our Emily, and the reports were amazing. She is doing wonderfully right now. We also got her updated measurements, new pictures (she is actually smiling in one! She is such an introvert) and a VIDEO! You wouldn't believe the amount of times we have watched this little 3 1/2 minute snippet of her daily life. We are still waiting to be DTC, as our agency said it is better to submit your dossier when it is actually linked to who you are adopting. Yesterday we got word from our agency that we have received PA, or Pre-Approval, for Emily Mei's adoption! SO much faster than we thought it would be! Today we will officially be DTC, when our dossier gets shipped on it's merry way to China. Possibly a week to a few weeks later China will log in our dossier, and we can start the countdown for our official letter of acceptance (LOA) stating Emily is ours :)

Because this is just the pre-approval, we cannot share any identifying information about our girl. Once we get our LOA, you better believe she will be posted all over this page! There are so many unknowns and hurry-up-and-waits with this process, and that is the reason for our lack of posting lately. Things have been moving along, finally, which is so flipping fantastic! So thank you all for your support, prayers, encouragement, and loving thoughts. I know so many of you are following our story and I hope you have not stopped due to lack of information thus far, I know it is a slow process. Believe me!! I also know that you better hold on, because things are about to get awesome in the Moreland household!!

~ Erin XOXO