"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17

"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17
Thank you so much for coming to check out my brand spankin' new blog! I've never "blogged" before, so here goes nothin'! This page is inspired by our adoption process, and I am hoping to get words of encouragement or advice every step along the way :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Home. PTL!!

Well, we made it home! I've written this post 3 times now and it doesn't save so hopefully I remember what I'm typing ;) Time is not measured in day or night hours right now, just by who is hungry and who needs more sleep. But we'll get to that...
On 12/19 we started our arduous journey home from Hong Kong at 6:30 AM China time. Through our trip we survived 5 flights (3 with a feisty toddler), 4 hotel stays, multiple trains, buses, and vans, something like a flu for momma and a boisterous 8 year old boy who doesn't sit still. The point is, we ARE HOME!!!
The main flight was over 14 hours and Emily really only shrieked when she realized she was belted in. They don't do seatbelts and car seats in China so aren't we all in for a treat when her little personality comes out in the car and she wants OUT! ;) We were so happy to be home in the states though that we got an amazing amount of energy when we landed, which we needed to go through customs in Newark and then go through the whole bag checking and security checkpoint process all over again to get to Orlando.
My parents, sister, and her boyfriend were all at the airport ready to meet us, with a bunch of balloons. What a site for sore eyes! Emily allowed Brittany to hold her but was pretty reserved until we got home. My dad had his famous white chili ready for us at our house, I couldn't have asked for a better reception home! My mom had champagne and beer, which we were especially excited about :) 
Emily loved her new room and showed us all her toys, then we gave her a bath and put her to bed. We finally climbed into bed around 10:30 that night US time, which would have been 11:30 AM in China, the next day. Almost 30 hours of travel but we did it and are sooooo happy to be home! We used all the hot water, washing off the smog, airplane, and everything else a toddler can wipe on you when you are smooshed together on a plane for so long. I've never felt so clean! :)
Emily slept until 4 yesterday morning, Austin was up at 2:30 and couldn't sleep any longer so he heard her get up and brought her to us. We played until 8 in the morning, painting her nails, doing laundry, unpacking, drinking our 2nd and 3rd cup of coffee. I'm still sick so Nyquil is my friend but when I don't get the sleep I'm a teensy groggy ;)
This morning she got up around 3, ugh, but we gave her the benefit of the doubt since she went to bed soundlessly last night at 7 pm and slept a solid 6 hours. I finally got to rock my baby girl to sleep, I've been waiting to do that for over a year! She called to us this morning using Chinese baby babble from her baby gate, slippers on backwards and ready to face the day! So it's just now 7:30 in the morning and we're about to go down for nap #1. We might venture out today just to see some of her new world, but it's so hard with our weird sleep schedules and random couch naps. Austin slept on the couch yesterday for about 4 hours, couldn't get that kiddo up until I waved a popsicle in his face! 
So if you see us around and we haven't returned calls, voicemails, texts, emails... I'm sorry :( Time is of no relevance when you are sleep deprived, it's like having a newborn again! But this one throws things in the toilet and screams when the cats come near her. 
Thank you for following along, we will keep posting updates as they happen! I know I've said it before, but I am SO HAPPY to be HOME!!!!!
PS Thank you everyone for all of your birthday wishes this week, they meant so much when I was on the other side of the world!!
Love, Erin XOXO

Watch out world, this girl has her Foster Grants on!

Learning how to climb onto her new big girl bed!


Did you call me? I'm busy with play-doh!
Slightly tired the day after a loooooong day of travel!

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