"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17

"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 11: Shopping

Today we went shopping on Shamian island, which was fun despite the rain! We scored some squeaky shoes for Emily, a set of Chinese silk dresses to fit as she grows up, and Austin got his name hand painted on a scroll. He really wanted a huge sword but we told him they wouldn't allow him to fly home with it :) When Emily saw the hand painted bracelets and shoes she lit up and wanted to try them all on, I guess we should be preparing ourselves to bring home a princess!
Austin has gotten this bargaining thing down! I ask how much, the shop owner answers, then Austin pipes in with his price. It's really quite comical! In the end I refer to David, since he's the holder of the money (literally, he's wearing it in a tiny money belt around his waist) and he's much better at the conversion from dollars to yuan. Basically every dollar is 6 yuan, so we would get carried away at trying to drove down a price then we would realize we were only talking about a few bucks! But you have to bargain, because if you don't get something for a good price there are 5 more stores right next door with the exact same stuff. I heard once the island was booming, but due to the US consulate moving and other renovations there was only maybe 1/3 of the shops that were once there. And it was too gloomy and rainy to see any of the pretty sites. But there was a Starbucks of course so I was a happy camper!
Lunch was at a western restaurant called Lucy's, I got fish and chips and they were fresh and surprisingly tasty! Austin said the cheese pizza tasted like they used ketchup as the sauce unfortunately. :P he's just happy that everywhere we go he gets to order soda (caffeine free of course) since the water is questionable and I'm not messing around with stomach issues!! This means we can't use ice though, which is hard for a mega ice user like myself! So I just drink coffee or beer, and I'm happy!
More tomorrow,
-Erin xoxo

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