"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17

"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above" ~James 1:17
Thank you so much for coming to check out my brand spankin' new blog! I've never "blogged" before, so here goes nothin'! This page is inspired by our adoption process, and I am hoping to get words of encouragement or advice every step along the way :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Moving on up.. and over to a new site!

Well the cat's out of the bag. We've finally made the news public that David, Austin, Emily and I are moving from Florida to Colorado. Eeekkk! Such a great opportunity but also a very anxiety-provoking adventure. 

We will be chronicling our journey over at the new blog Our East and West, as Brittany (my sister) will be blogging from Florida and I will be blogging from Colorado. Yes I googled chronicling to be sure it was spelled right. "record (a related series of events) in a factual and detailed way"-- thank you Wikipedia.

I'm leaving this blog up though for several reasons. 
1) I like to go through it from time to time and remember parts of our trip to get Emily. It was incredibly hard at first to look back but the longer she has been with us the easier it has become. In total honesty, it took me almost an entire year of her being home before I could watch her "Gotcha" video, the day she was literally placed in our arms out of a van in a hotel valet. I cry every. single. time. It is like a birth video of sorts, without the vagina shots and cheesy baby encasement. (Yes I know what it's called. I'm a neonatal nurse for crying out loud. Doesn't mean I like to touch it.) 
On to reason #2) When we first started the adoption process, we were literally clueless. We were given a timeline with an alphabet of random letters but with no actual dates since everything was completely up in the air. Our agency is fantastic and I recommend them highly to anyone who asks, however just starting out I really relied on the blogs and stories of other adoptive families to figure things out. (Outside the Store Bought Box's blog was one of my favorites, she was just ahead of us in the adoption journey to be helpful without being so far ahead that I thought we'd never catch up). <<Once I found Virginia's blog I honestly read went back and read it from the very first post. I cried when they finally got their little girl and I couldn't wait until that was us!
Being a Type A personality I wanted to get everything done right away, but I had to learn that slow and steady was how the adoption race is run. That was a hard pill to swallow. BUT, if I had to do it all over again I would definitely and completely 100% adopt again. Yes you read that correct. We are not, and I mean NOT, having or adopting another child into our family, we are soo soooo complete. The Moreland family is a party of 4 from now until forever and you can write that in stone. We've found our happy! But hopefully this blog can help guide those in the process.
3) When I clicked on my old blog today I realized that I hadn't posted anything since January. Of 2014. That's not OK! I know I have been busy but I owed it to whoever is following the story to continue to provide updates. Also, it said I had over 21,000 page views. WHAT?!?! That's insanity! So for those who do follow along here, I'm not going far. You can see our family of 4 as we travel across the country and put down roots way out of our comfort zone. It might be a little crazy at times but you can be sure we will let you see the good, bad and the ugly of the trip. The ugly will probably be provided by yours truly after 3 days of not showering so as not to dirty the pristine bathroom I spent hours cleaning but I digress. Come check us out and let us know what you think!

~Erin xoxo